Thursday, March 26, 2009

Head Covering Styles

I don't cover my hair all the time, for practical purposes (I feel like I need a few more scarves and kerchiefs etc to do so, though I'm trying. I also forget sometimes. But once I'm out, boy do I ever remember all day long.). I do feel that G-d wants me to cover my hair. Why He wants me to cover my hair, I have no clue, as I'm not married, and Jewish women usually only cover their hair after marriage, regardless its clear to me that He does. But this isn't meant to be an explanation about why I cover. I know why I cover, because it feels right. That's enough for me. I've had some questions about HOW I cover though and that's what I'm here to answer. I took the pics and uploaded them to my comp, but because there are so many, I want to make them into a nice little chart/graphic thing, and gimp sucks, and its 4 am. So pics will come later. (Did I mention gimp sucks and I miss photoshop. anyone have a copy of CS2 sitting around they want to give me? jk. though I really would adore if you did.... lol)

Covering 1: for those days when any more covering seems inappropriate, and a kerchief is too informal. A wide, pretty headband. I don't feel that the headband in the pic quite "does it" I'd like something cloth and a bit wider. For now, that's what I have, until I make some other headbands.

Covering 2. For everyday occasions of a less casual sort. A kerchief. I don't have a pic, my kerchiefs are in labor and the wash. maybe pics later

Covering 3. For Sabbeth. I have one other covering I wear this way, and would like to make a mantilla to wear like this but haven't figured out how to make it. any ideas? (oh, btw, this is actually a rebozo. aka babycarrying device aka midwives tool aka scarf from Mexico. gotta love it :D) Its just draped over my head. Really only good for praying or meditating. Can't do anything at all active in it.

by the way, I really have clothes on in that pic, I just couldn't get it right so they showed.

Covering 4. Simple easy scarf tie with a rectangle scarf. This is one of those things. Like making a peanut butter and jelly sand which. There are a million pics to show you how to do it. In words, it takes forever. It takes about 30 seconds or less to tie, and is super easy.

You fold the scarf over (so its long and thin). Fold it in half then in half again. Put the middle on top of your head, with the side with the edges of the cloth facing forwards. Tie it tightly behind your head, like a headband. Tighten. Take the upper, forward facing edge of the cloth, and unfold it back. Tighten the knot. Make sure it is firm. Voila! (This method of doing it originated because just tieing the scarf into that position to start with ends up with the tightness of the scarf, its "secure point" being the vertical back of your head. Which logically, isn't very secure. by tightening it and making it secure on the horizontal top of your head, it stays secure better.) This is not a very very very secure tie, but will stand up to doing dishes, walking around, light hiking. I haven't tried it with more vigorous activity. How to pics later.

Covering 5. This is the most complicated tie to tie, and the most secure, and my favorite. (If your hair is well pinned, in my experience, this covering doesn't come undone. If my hair is not well pinned, and my braids come down, the covering might or might not slide off.) there is an excellent demonstration here: . I will also be giving my own:

Pinning long hair for optimal security:If your hair is not long enough to make braids, skip to the second part. If it is, make two braids, a la pippi longstockings (minus the wire coat hanger to keep them out of course). Take one braid, wrap it around your head and to the top of your head, and pin it securely. Take the other braid, wrap it the other way, and again, pin securely. You want a sort of crown thing. If your braids reach the top of your head, as mine do, be sure they are set back slightly from your forehead, as the coronet part of the scarf needs to go in front of them.

Tieing the scarf: Place the middle of the unfolded scarf over your head. It should cover the bottom of your hair (where it meets the scalp, not the length. Any short hair should be pinned or tucked up in some way. long hair should be braided up as above.), and come down about to your eyebrows in front. (It won't cover your hairline unless you want it to eventually, but to start, it does.) Take the two long ends, and grab them like you might grab two sections of hair before making pigtails, at the nape of your neck. Tie them once, snugly. Take one end, then the other, and twist them until the twist tightly fills the length of the end. Take one end and wrap it over your head like a coronet, like you did with the braids. take the other end, wrap it up, and tie them once at the top of your head, snuggly. Tuck then nice and tight to your head, up to the braids. Take one end and tuck it under and under and under, wrapping it around the tie that is close to your head (continuing to wrap in a circle, not wrapping it back on itself.). You can twist it first or not. Tuck the other end under. If you want, scoot the edge that is over your forehead over one ear, then the other, then up above your hairline, or to where it is desired. Voila. How to pics later.


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