Sunday, December 6, 2009


I'm sorry I haven't been here so much. I know I say that a lot. What can I say, my life has been very full and stressful lately. full in good and bad ways. I'm just trying to focus on the good. Including my wonderful job which I must do in the morning and thus go to sleep for, so this will be sadly brief.

Pizza. What is it to you? J and I have the most interesting ongoing... debate about pizza and its nature. Now, being a couple, and preferring to eat the same dinner/at the same restaurant, the definition of pizza is of great importance.

I beleive our debate might be summed up in our conversation tonight.
Me: "This isn't pizza. This is bread with stuff on it. Amazing bread with stuff on it, but bread with stuff on it none the less."
J: "What you make and eat isn't pizza. This is pizza. That is cracker's with stuff on it. Good crackers with stuff on it, but crackers none the less."

So my readers. Do you think pizza should be bread with stuff on it or crackers with stuff on it? :D


  1. Well, being from NY where pizza is a staple of our diet (seriously we eat it a couple of times a week as a general rule!) I would have to say it is neither. Pizza is.. well, it's pizza crust with stuff on it. A good crust is somewhere between a cracker and a bread... crispy in portions but tender too. Too thin and the toppings will overwhelm it, but too thick and bready and the flavor loses its intensity. Just my humble NY thoughts☺

  2. I'm with Persuaded. I like a thinner crust, but not as crispy as a cracker. Do you use the yogurt dough recipe from NT? I tried it once but didn't like it too much. Someday I will try making a true sourdough...

  3. I don't think what I think of as the perfect pizza is like a cracker at all. It is like the pizzas I had in france, and now several places make them here in the SF bay area. So thin they barely can support a few toppings, but soft and not cracker-like. It's J who calls them crackers :P

    I haven't tried the yogurt dough recipe from NT. I have heard some good things about it. Honestly, I don't really make pizza much. When J made it, he made foccacia bread (same recipe).

  4. I'm a fan of thin crust. Nice and crunchy!

  5. what about Chicago-style pizza which is more like pie?? Thick versus thin is like the creation versus evolution debate; and can cause as much upset, too! All i know is when it's cracker thin I can finish an entire pizza to myself, and when it's breadlike and thick, I can only finish one piece or I feel like I've OD'ed on carbs. But what a way to go!


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