Monday, May 31, 2010

To bless the world...

I haven't written a blog here in a long time. I had a reader tell me she missed my blogging, so I though perhaps I'd try to write a bit more here. And then I spent a while thinking about what I should blog about. Most often, I've blogged here about things like cooking, and crafts. I've not done any craftwork except making a few granny squares, and a stocking for J last christmas, in months, really. J has been cooking most of our dinners, and there haven't been that many new ones. I suppose that's not true, we've discovered plenty of favorites since I last blogged.

Maybe the change is that I'm starting to make friends (here/locally/irl, whatever you like to call it.) I've not had friends like that in a long time. Maybe it's just been really busy here. Which it has. It's been a period of great growth, but those are always challenging periods as well.

I thought a lot about what to write about. I wasn't feeling all that inspired to write here.

And then, along came a day like to day. A day full of first fruits. A day full of shehechiyanu. I said shehechiyanu three times today. First at tea time over apricots (I realized tonight I have had dried apricots this year so I don't know if it *counts* but I think it might. plus, I realized that tonight, but I said it this morning.) Then over watermelon before dinner. Then over peaches at dinner. I haven't said shehechiyanu this much, ever.

It got me thinking. Somehow, eating three new fruits (new this year) and saying shehechiyanu seems very different than eating three new fruits and not saying it. I think if I hadn't stopped to think about the fact that I'm eating a new fruit and say a blessing each time it wouldn't have struck me as such a big thing. I had THREE new summer fruits today. That's pretty big.

I guess I'm not making a coherant point because I'm not sure exactly what it is I want to say. I just wanted to talk about what it's life to go through life making blessings. I wouldn't say I go through my life making blessings, I don't make that many blessings right now. I'm trying to get into the habit of saying the bedtime shema. I like saying it, but I keep forgetting because it's so long and I don't know it well, and my tongue trips over it. Maybe for a while, I'll just say the first line, or the first paragraph of something. But I always say that. Once I'm started, I might as well say the whole thing it seems. It's just matter of remembering.

I'd really like to introduce some other shorter blessings into my life. I love when J and I bless eachother on shabbat. I love saying kiddish, and motzi, and the blessing over handwashing. I think that saying a blessing fills moments with purpose, and thought and kavanah, and I love the idea of so many little moments being filled with kavanah.

I loved stopping to acknowledge that this is the first time I've eaten an apricot, watermelon, or peach ALL YEAR. It's been 3 full seasons since I last ate this fruit. It's a kind of big thing, when you think about it, and it's nice to stop, and reflect on it for even just a moment. (In all honesty, today, it was very rushed moments, and muttered under my breath, because I didn't want to seem tooo weird, however it still was meaningful.)

Sorry to ramble on. I guess my point it, I don't have one. I just like this journey I'm on, my path of moving into jewish observance, and I really like adding blessings to my daily life. I hope to add more.


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  1. You couldn't possibly have written a post that would bless me more than this one, my dear. Of all the things you write about, my favorites are when you write about your faith and your journey back into it. You wrote:
    "I think that saying a blessing fills moments with purpose..."

    and even though I don't know the specifics of all those different blessings that you mentioned (and couldn't pronounce them even if I did!) I know exactly what you mean. In my own faith there is a verse of scripture that says: "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." Philippians 4:8.
    It's one of my favorite passages of scripture and I try to live my life in this frame of mind... focusing on the lovely things always being aware of from Whose hand they come. Living a life of spiritual awareness (and consequently thankfulness) really does "fill our moments with purpose."
    Have a wonderful day Caroline.... this morning I am thankful for you!☺


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